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As part of The Nerve Coach Professional Program, you and your team will have direct access to me and my team. We work hand in hand to help you launch, optimize and scale your neuropathy program. This includes utilizing whatever modalities and techniques you have available in your clinic. I help you craft optimal care plans that lead into continuity care/ maintenance & optimization for your practice members.

1. I am currently in practice, with a team-driven office
2. 1-on-1 Coaching with me for you and your team (Zoom, Phone, Text, Email)
3. High-Converting Pre-Education Seminar Video that can be VIEWED FROM HOME, IN-OFFICE, or in a SEMINAR ENVIRONMENT.

4. Real-time testing in areas from Marketing to Conversions to Care Plans, and more

5. Recordings from daily visits and training in our home office.
6. Best practices for in-office and at-home care regimens.
7. Personal attention for you and your team in a positive, nurturing environment with open, honest and direct communication

Client Perspectives

Dr. Lee Nagel (Indiana)

Dr. Larry Arbeitman (New Jersey)

Dr. Jonathan Lazar (Michigan)

Dr. Duncan McCollum (California)

Dr. Ashlin Gasiorowski (Nebraska)


My wife, Dr. Megan, and I have had incredible mentors over the years. Out of chiropractic school, we opened our brick and mortar practice 3 months after graduation, and grew to 300 visits/week in 7 weeks. And over 530 visits/week in under a year. The practice has climbed to over 800 visits/week. We love chiropractic, and health from the inside-out.

After 4 years in practice, we dove into helping people with peripheral neuropathy through chiropractic, and a home care program. This effort was such a blessing for us, our team, and our community. Our practice more than tripled in the months to come. We brought on more team members and doctors, and scaled the operation. Office revenue went from $100k/mo to nearly $400k/mo. This has allowed us more time freedom to continue to innovate and serve our community and profession.

Over the years, we have refined, upgraded and added to our program. We added in SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Therapy in 2022, and incorporated it into our Neuropathy Protocol. This has yielded greater results in a shorter amount of time. We also have worked, and continue to work, with a genius doctor from the Mayo Clinic to formulate and optimize our Nerve Coach nutrient regimen.

To this day, I work with my team to continually test how we can best serve our community, as well as our coaching clients and teams. In this fashion, we can get real-time metrics to test what is working the best in the various areas of program delivery.


  • 70 Buckwalter Rd, Suite 411, Royersford, PA 19468
  • hello@thenervecoach.com
  • 833-678-5227

What we do

Taking a holistic approach with our clients, we target the root causes of their neuropathy and develop a plan with an emphasis on nutrition, targeted supplements, advanced technology, and doctor-prescribed equipment. 

As a result, our clients are able to gain back their independence and get back to living the quality of life they deserve.

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